Team Challenge

"the most exhilarating, challenging and rewarding team event we have participated in. It’s now a firmly established date in our diaries and talked about with much enthusiasm"
UK General Manager, Ricoh DM.

The Team Challenge is the fast, effective and fun way to spread the team-working message across your organisation. It’s an action packed event that will test your teams’ creative problem solving, leadership, teamworking skills and winning instincts to the limit.

The Team Challenge is exciting, motivating and engaging and will…
• Add an exciting new dynamic and a different theme to your conferences
• Help to set up a new project team and get everyone working together quickly
  and effectively
• Support and complement your in-house training and development programmes

Your teams will come away with a real sense of achievement and some valuable insights into how they should work together. And their real enthusiasm and experiences of the event will provide a touchstone for good teamworking practice in the future.

From 2 hours to 2 days and from 5 people to 100+, the Team Challenge is a flexible programme that will be tailor made to meet your needs.